Battle of the Year Review 2013

Battle of The Year hit the screens this Friday and I’ll have to say I was really impressed. The film is about breaking & b-boy culture, and it’s history in the United States.  The story follows a new U.S. dream team of b-boys, who are competing to take it all at International Battle of the Year.

Battle of the Year is a real competition that happens every year. The Official Battle of the Year website, describes the competition as such:

“The Battle of the Year (BOTY) is the biggest b-boying competition in the world, often referred to as the ‘world cup of breakdancing’. 

As a b-boy, it does not get much bigger than competing at the Battle of the Year finals. Just to get there, crews must first compete in regional BOTY preliminaries around the world. Then, in front of a packed audience, they perform a six-minute choreographed routine which is judged on synchronicity, stage presence, theme, music, as well as b-boying moves.

The best crews then go through to the final battles, an electrifying unscripted play-off that sees the rival b-boys battling each other, face-to-face, individually and as a crew, for the ultimate prize. “

I enjoyed the films cool multiple-screen shots, where you often saw many scene’s occurring at the same time. Frequently, with the team practicing on graffiti-covered basketball courts. A very old school  look, reminiscent of b-boy’s hip hop origins.


While,  this movie might might seem like a typical breaking movie, I felt it had a different message. That being, it’s not all about winning, it’s about one crew’s journey, learning how to become more than a team, and becoming a family.


Nobody is happier Iguodala is in Golden State than Klay Thompson


Klay Thompson is a pure shooter. He is out there to knock down jumpers, and while he can do a few other things on the court he gets paid to be one of the better sharpshooters in the league (although second best on his team).

He’s not a lockdown defender. He works on that end, but that’s not his wheelhouse. Yet last season he was often given the defensive assignment of the best perimeter player on the other team. He did his best.

This season, Andre Iguodala gets that assignment. And Thompson is plenty happy about that, he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“It is a relief,” Thompson said from the Warriors’ downtown Oakland facility Wednesday. “Going up against the best guy every night was fun, but now I can focus on exerting just as much energy on the offensive end as I was on the defensive end.


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